REVIEW: Urban Decay Naked Palette vs. Naked 2

** WARNING: Picture heavy!

OMG! Just purchased the Naked 2 Palette and all excited about it. I was practically smiling the whole day. Crazy much right!? My husband thinks I’m little insane. That’s what cosmetic cravings does to you when you finally get a taste of something you really want.It’s like his golf addiction that I never really understood and constantly whine about everything golf! Don’t get me wrong.. I still support his golf addictions secretly despite the constant whining.

So now comes the question. Urban Decay Naked Palette or Naked 2 Palette? I’m a make up junkie so ideally I’d buy both for collection sake. Looking at my collections everyday just makes my day. It really does.

Comparison of both palettes


Both priced the same at RM179 (approx. after conversion USD$55.95). Retailing in USA at USD$50.00 at Sephora. So which do you choose if you intend to only get one palette?

Pigmentaton/ Color payoff/ Swatches:

In both palettes, no doubt the pigmentation, color payoff and quality is nonetheless amazing. They look similar as all 12 colors in each palettes are of neutral shades. In my opinion, Naked 2 consist of cool tone colors that are more taupe-ish and grey-ish whereas the Naked Palette consists of more warm tones. There is a repeat color of  “Half Baked” in both palettes. Didn’t know why they did that. I suppose it must be their most-liked color. Urban Decay usually comes out with more shimmery colors. In Naked 2 there are matte colors, one great for a highlighter (“Foxy”), crease color (“Tease”), which is currently my fav. crease color) and “outer v” color (“Blackout”). Whereas, the Naked palette has 2 colors that are great as a crease color; “Naked” and “Baked”.


Close Up

Close Up


Close Up

Close Up


Came with the Naked 2 Palette

Both palettes included a makeup brush that is ideal for applying eyeshadow. The Naked Palette came with a one sided brush whereas Naked 2 came with a dual ended brush; one side to blend and the other to pack on eyeshadow onto the lids. As for freebies, the Naked Palette (original) had the mini original primer potion (their best selling eye primer) and Naked 2 had a mini lip gloss. I prefer the eye primer.


Love the sturdy packaging & looks modern too

Packaging wise, I prefer Naked 2 as the palette is more secure and sturdier. There is a clasp sound when the packaging is closed properly preventing any fall out onto your purse. The Naked Palette is made from a velvety finishing with cardboard packaging material.   .

Overall Preference/ Opinion:

I personally prefer the original Naked Palette. You must be wondering why right? I played around with both palettes using them to create everyday looks and somehow the colors from the Naked 2 Palette does not complement my skin tone (yellow base Asian skin). My eyes look dirty even with I would say average blending skills? I am still really happy that I managed to get the Naked 2 palette and provide everyone with a brief overview of the palettes.

Place of Purchase

This palette is available at Sephora, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at both locations; KLCC and Starhill. However, I would recommend to call the outlet first and find out if  stocks are available. Urban Decay products runs out really fast, as usual. For product haul, please click here to read my awesome haul from Sephora. Available in the USA at their Sephora official website. For the rest of the world, if you can’t find it, try clicking here for Urban Decay Naked Palette and here for Naked 2; shipping may just be available to your country.

What’s my take on this?

If i had to make a decision between both, I’d choose the original Naked Palette!! Just my 2 cents aight! I hope the above review/ comparison helps you better in making a decision between both palettes.

Is this available in your country for purchase? Do share! Sharing is caring right? Till then, toodles!

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  1. Hi~~ i would like to ask for your opinion & suggestion~~ I would keen to get my very first palette! However, I am wondering whether want to choose the Naked 1, Naked 2, or Urban Decay 15th Anniversary eyeshadow palette… I am an Asian Chinese girl with yellow skin and like natural look. I just want a palette that can complete my whole eye make.. Really appreciate if u can give some suggestions to me!! Thanks so much!!^^

    1. Hello!

      IMO, Naked 1 palette suits yellow skin tones better. You can create day/ night time neutral looks. I have yellow skin tone too, and somehow the warmer colors from the naked 1 looks nicer on my eyes. I hope this helps you.

      Kelly T.

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