Revlon Colorstay Whipped Foundation

Hello muh’ lovelies! Here’s another product review which I have been using for months now (mostly to create tutorials and for formal events); the Revlon Colorstay Whipped Foundation. I’m in the color Nude. It’s the lightest color in the range available in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Product & Packaging


I love it, I love it, I love it! I’m not a foundation person due to the history of me having foundation on, feeling uncomfortable and heavy most of the time. It’s like you just wanna yank out your whole face (you know what I mean?). First impressions are always a lasting memory and because of that I never really like the idea of wearing foundation on a daily basis until I discover this. Also, I’ve always thought foundations are all the same. How different can they be? I was wrong! One should never assume. Contains 0.8 fl oz / 23.7 ml. I would think on a daily basis it should last you about 3 to 6 months of usage and up to 8 months if you use different foundations throughout the different seasons. I’ve had it for months now and yet it looks untouched.

The only thing I have to complain is the packaging. I dislike tub packaging for any sort of liquid product. I prefer em’ in a pump type bottle/ tube due to mainly hygiene reasons. The most part of it, I love that it has a matte finish! I have tried dewy looking foundations and have never reviewed it coz’ it just doesn’t do my skin any justice. Foundations with dewy finishes amplifies my big pores and flakiness of the skin making me look like a shiny disco ball. Ain’t funny! Pores oh pores, why can’t you just close up so that I can have baby smooth skin?

This product is perfect for summer and countries that are hot and humid like Malaysia. I don’t feel as heavy/ uncomfortable compared to other foundations. I’ve only tried a few so I’m comparing to those few which left me with no fond memories to even write a review. Can’t even remember the brand name.

It lasts almost my usual workday hours (approx. 9 hours) which I have to say it is already as good as it can be. My T-Zone area is seen with some shine at the end  of the day. No funky scent is detected which I really appreciate. I have had experience products with the utmost funky scent especially in lip products which just makes me stop reaching for that product.



Yes, my bare naked face. Who doesn’t look all horrid and sickly without makeup. Make up does wonders huh! So which side do you think has the foundation on? Comment below and let me know where you think I have applied the foundation. Left or right when you look straight into the picture. Please don’t look too long. *blush* The skin ain’t looking that pretty..

Quality is not compromised although being a drugstore product.  Talc-free and paraben free so thumbs up! You’d find that these days, there is still a percentage of  beauty products where the ingredients and quality are compromised to keep costs at its lowest for high profit margins. It is not too watery/ runny or thick in texture.



A blob of the product


Product blended out. Nice right?

As you can tell, this product has a medium coverage with just one application and it is build-able to full coverage. Comes in 6 shades here in Asia (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) and 16 shades in USA. Do check with your local drugstore on the shades available as different countries import different shades based on the local market.


Being a drugstore product in Malaysia, I do find it a tad bit pricey. If you compared a dollar to a dollar;  *USD$13.99 (Ulta) vs RM58.00, *USD$11.99 (Target) vs RM58.00. *USD$13.99 (CVS) vs RM58.00. Certain places may retail it up to RM60.00 [USD$18.75]. It is much more affordable for those earning in USD as compared to us Malaysians. But of course, I’d assume import duty/taxes for beauty goods in Malaysia would probably be on the high side which determines the final retail price. On the bright side, if you compared it to a high end-brand, it is somewhat affordable. High-end foundations can cost more than RM100.00.

Place of Purchase

Available in drugstores/ pharmacies across Malaysia in Guardian, Watsons and some Caring Pharmacies. For *ROW, you may click here to purchase. Alternatively, if you have a Revlon counter in your country, just head over to where it is available.


With full-face application; 1 layer of the product. Kinda evened out my skin tone and hide blemishes don’t ya’ think?

As much as I like this product, I still don’t put foundation on  a daily basis. I do like to wear the Garnier BB Cream sometimes. I alternate between both these products or I just don’t wear any face products at all. Have you tried this yet? What’s your take on this product? Do share with me by penning your thoughts in the comments below. Till then, Toodles!

(*) Price shown is correct at the time of editing from the official websites; Ulta, Target & CVS. Price stated is for comparison purposes only.

(*) Denotes Rest Of The World

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