SEPHORA – Christmas Gifts from Sephora

Went to Sephora, KL as i was told that there are so many interesting cosmetics available for Christmas! So exciting right!? So, what i did was dragged my husband down to Sephora regardless of how much he hates standing around waiting while i go ga-ga over everything there and start swatching on myself to see if i really like it or not and if it is worth purchasing.

Managed to quickly snap some pictures specially for you to see whats’s happening and available at Sephora.  Often the security guard says “NO PICTURES MISS”. I just don’t understand why they don’t allow pictures. Come on! It’s spreading the joy of cosmetics! The guard followed me as if i am some sort of criminal. WTF~!

Sephora Palette
Another Sephora Palette (Smaller Version)
How cute is this!?
Too Faced Cosmetics
Hello Kitty Palette
Soap & Glory
Gifts under RM200
Assorted Gifts

These are just the few things i managed to snap in store. The guard followed me everywhere as if holding up my phone is against the law. Get lost already! I didn’t get any of the above, instead i got Urban Decay  24/7 glide on liners, eyeshadow pencils and the hottest pink lip gloss! Will show you soon! Anything from the pictures that interest you?

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