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I have been using Sigma brushes for almost a year now and i must say they are by far the best set of brushes i have ever used. I am not saying that just so you would go and get a set of them too. I’ve actually tried and used it daily before reviewing these brushes.

The Complete Kit without Brush Roll (Black) costs USD$89 (approx. RM283.10 based on the exchange rate on  30.11.11). Isn’t that a steal!? Can’t remember about the shipping costs but definitely not a bomb. They ship international and i got my package in great condition! The complete kit has 12 brushes all together.

 I’ve bought unbranded brush kits that costs USD$150 (approx. RM477.15) and the quality just cannot compete with the Sigma brushes. After a year of storage with moderate usage, the hairs of the brushes starts to fall off when applying make up. The bristles are not soft and makes it difficult for make up application. Thrown it out of my collection the moment it went nasty on me.

The following are how i usually use them:

E35 Tapered Blending – For eyeshadow application in the crease area

E40 Tapered Blending – For blending out the harsh lines around the crease

E55 Eye Shading – For application of eyeshadow on the whole lid

E65 Small Angle – For application of gel liner

E70 Medium Angled Shading – For application of the highlight color, just beneath the brow

E30 Pencil – For intensifying the “outer V” of the eye

F70 Concealer – For application of concealer (where dark circles appear and blend it)

F50 Duo Fibre – For application of blusher

F30 Large Powder – For application of bronzers/ face contour powders

The rest of the brushes in the kit, i use it occasionally when i feel like it.

Why i would recommend Sigma Brushes:


  • Outlook of the brushes looks very professional (original black handle) if you were to embark in the journey of a make up artist
  • Assorted colors available for individual tastes and personal usage
  • Travel kits available for those always on the go


  • Still in great condition after 1 year of extensive usage
  • Allows for easy and good application of make up
  • The hairs does not fall out
  • Very soft hairs/ bristles
  • Usable by both professional make up artist of personal use


Very reasonable!

Will I buy it again?:

Yes, their travel edition. Decided i am going to travel more next year! So, i am listing that into my wish list.

Sigma has just launched the “Bunny” collection which is a line of vegan brushes. Hooray! Now, everyone can have a taste of Sigma brushes. They come in a travel size at USD$59 and the essential range USD$109. The essential range is like the complete kit that i purchased except that it is vegan.

Bunny Collection - It's Vegan!

Time to do a tutorial real soon! Stay tune..

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