SPOTTED: MAC Lightfully New

I was so excited today to go get some products from the MAC Naturally Collection. I’ve been told by one of the sales assistant at the MAC counter that it will be launched sometime around last week and when i went to today i was so disappointed as it is still not out yet! The only new collection out is the MAC Lightfully New collection which is a skincare range formulated with a marine bright formula. This collection consist of a cleanser, softening lotion, essence and a moisture cream. I didn’t get anything from this range as i am just not hardworking enough to pamper my skin with all these goodness. I really love the packaging tho’! A woman just has way too many products to apply before going to bed. But of course, you should follow a good skin regime to maintain your skin’s elasticity and youthful looks.

For those residing in the USA, you guys are so lucky to be so far ahead of us with the MAC collections. Looks like the SHOP MAC, COOK MAC and VERA Collection looks absolutely fabulous and the products are going like hot cakes. These products are available at your local MAC counters for purchase already!

I have already picked out the products i would love to purchase when it is available here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. International launch is estimated to be in March 2012 for both collections. Can’t wait to get my hands on those kissable lip colors (Woo Me & Enchantee), “Call Me Bubbles” Eyeshadow quad, prolly one lipstick  (from SHOP MAC, COOK MAC Collection)  and pearlmatte face powder in both the colors (MAC Vera Collection)! Cant wait!!

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