SPOTTED: MAC Naturally Collection – New!

Finally! The MAC Naturally Collection has arrived at our MAC counters at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.The whole collection consists of mineralize products. Honestly, i am not such a big fan of mineralize products as they tend to be very shimmery especially the eyeshadows.

However, I did buy 2 products which i will feature in my haul post. I bought it for the sick of adding to my MAC Collection.  Did a quick swatch of a few products that i was kinda interested in but felt uncomfy as some sales assistant gives you the look of “Is-she-buying-or-not?!”…Seriously, i don’t give two hoots anymore and so i swatched!

Can you guess which products i tested out?

And seriously, why is there a missing mineralized skin finish product in that empty hole!? How can they be sold out and not have a sample? What  a ridiculous answer when i asked the sales assistant. I bet you he was just plain lazy to put the sample back for me to take a decent picture for all the MAC fans out there. Perhaps, if i bought more products he will be more helpful. So which MAC counter was i at? I was a MAC Cosmetics Midvalley, Kuala Lumpur. Excuse me but i just get really annoyed with an uncomplete picture of a collection. Will i buy from that sales assistant again. NO. I am in search of a sales assistant who can truly assist me in the long run as i am a genuine customer who buys nearly every collection and also their permanent range. He/ She can be my best friend. *LOL*

And the most exciting news I have for you is that “Shop MAC Cook MAC Collection” will be officially launched at Midvalley concourse area on the 7th of March 2012 for about 4 days. Can’t wait!

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  1. Dont get annoyed at the sales assistant. Get annoyed at mac! I was looking and calling up almost all the mac stores in malaysia to ask if they have the mineralize skin finish in blonde, and all of them replied saying they didnt even recieve it. And they were not given any explaination on why it was not delivered. So it was not sold out…it didnt even arrive! So disappointed. 🙁 but oh well, i got the redhead instead. 🙂

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