SPOTTED: Sally Hansen Color Quick, Nail Art Pens & Quick Care

Spotted at selective by SASA. Love the packaging and was about to grab a few products but when i saw the price, i changed my mind immediately. All three products are retailing at RM69.90 (approx. USD$21.85) which i feel is very expensive considering that it is drugstore product in most countries. Sally Hansen nail art pen is retailing at Ulta (USA) for USD$7.49 and the Color Quick Fast Dry nail Color Pen USD$7.79. Just to give you a comparison. Even O.P.I nail polish is retailing at RM59 (approx. USD$18.45). I’d rather buy a professional nail polish product if you know what i mean. I’m so disappointed that it is overpriced here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Would you buy it?

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