SPOTTED: Topshop Cosmetics, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

The eyeshadows

SPOTTED cosmetics by Topshop at Sunway Pyramid Shopping Centre; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Yeap, the products have been in the market for quite sometime but I only saw it at Topshop KLCC Shopping Centre then and not Sunway Pyramid. Only one or two stores carried the line and now i presume all Topshop stores now carry the line. The line consists of color cosmetics for eyes, face, lips & nails. They are pretty affordable in the United Kingdom but for us Malaysians, I do find it just a tad bit on the expensive side. After all their core products are clothing and of course I do understand after all the conversion, taxes and what nots for these beauty products results in a price as such.

Nail polishes, cream shadows and stuff
Face Palette

I was about to purchase a few products but when I saw the husband smacking his forehead and said “NOT AGAIN!?”, I decided to think twice about my purchase. Not that I listen to his every command (I’m not that sort). But I do admit that my cosmetic addiction has gone way overboard. I buy nothing but cosmetics. I am not even saving for my future kids. Tsk, tsk! When a bowl a noodles costs me RM5 at a hawker stall, I start nagging about how the price has increased so much over the past years and you’ll notice my husband’s eyeballs start rolling whilst eating (something he prolly mastered a while back) and saying that when I spend on a single eyeshadow for RM65.00 is considered  reasonably priced (of course based on the brand and/or quality) and sometimes buy a few shades best of all, I don’t complain/nag. And  the bickering starts.. So in conclusion I’ll put them in my wishlist and hopefully he’ll know what to pick up for every single occasion!

Products circled in pink are going into my wishlist and what was swatched:

Quick Swatch

Ok.. this is bad, I don’t remember the actual shade name/color!

  1. Lips in Nevada/ Innocent (not too sure of the name, warm nude beige)
  2. Lip Stick in Coy (not sure too of the name, coral peach color) – These came in a pencil form which looks similar to the lipstains by Urban Decay except that it is matte, felt a bit dry on the skin!)
  3. Cream Shadow in Velvet (shimmery purple) – This actually comes in a tube and it’s real creamy, may crease on oily lids
  4. Felt Pen Eyeliner in Black, Non Waterproof (Black) and it smudges as you can see in the picture. It’s the latest eyeliner and not the usual in the permanent line. I left it on for about 2 mins after fanning and blowing it dry and ran my fingers through.. and SMUDGED! (Tried and testing twice as seen in the swatch)
  5. Highlight for under the eye (available in one color only)
  6. Lip Marker in Popsicle (not too sure of the name, pink) – Glossy looking like lip stains by Urban Decay, good color pigmentation
  7. Kohl in Saddle (dark brown)
  8. Gel Liner in Ink (Black) – With the makeup remover used, it was pretty hard as I had to go over it several times before completely removing it

Is Topshop cosmetics available in any other countries besides UK (where it originated from)  and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia? Do share! Just in case I’ve decide to go on a globe-trotting adventure to hunt for affordable yet good quality cosmetics !

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