TATTOO: Inspirational Words – Beauty on Body

I am planning to ink inspirational words on my body to remind myself not to give up what i have set to achieve since year 2007. What should i have on myself to constantly not to give up the fight?:

  1. Hope
  2. Faith
  3. Perseverance
  4. Legacy
  5. Dreams can come true
  6. Thou shall not give up
  7. Strength
  8. Motivation
  9. Patience
  10. Courage

Lately, i am giving up in every way. Life has been tough, given that i have been provided the best in life. I, now take charge of my own destiny. I strive to obtain the quality of life i used to live. I admit it is hard but i shall not give up the fight. This is why i need a reminder to constantly remind myself that i can achieve what i want as long as i don’t give up. Nothing shall deter my decisions and determination to achieve the goals i have set in my life! Any suggestions? I am planning to tattoo the words either on my feet or wrist?

Some examples, all credits go to google images and to those who own the tattoos….

By the way, what does everyone think of tattoos? i personally think of tattoos as a form of art for the body and soul. It satisfies greatly when the tattoo has a deep meaning only you yourself know. Most people have a pre conception/ perception of tattoos are only for the rowdy, triads or punk people especially in the Asian society i grew up in. It’s different now i reckon!  I have 2 tattoos that represents myself and my family who have always been supportive of me in every way and path i choose. People tend to forget the unconditional love given by the family. Inked or not, i am still the same person right? i have great plans for year 2012, therefore i need to be constantly reminder of what i am fighting for.

Should i get it in English, French or Italian? Any suggestions? Just deciding on the words now but of course the font will be different from any of the above. Just wanted to show you what it looks like to get inked on the feet/ wrist so i that you can help me decide…I am still very indecisive on the area that i wanna get inked. Foot (left or right!?!) or wrist?

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