TUTORIAL: Saint Patrick’s Day & Pantone Color Of The Year

Is it Sunday already? Gosh! The weekend sure did go by quickly. It’s St. Patrick’s Day (17th March) today in some parts of the world and so I’ve decided to join in the fun and create a look for the celebration. The color green is very much associated with St Patrick’s Day and also happens to be the Pantone color of the year. So, it pretty much explains my choice of color for this tutorial. A good time to use the color as it is my unlucky color so all greens in any palettes I have are untouched unless for times like this.


Step 1: EYES


MUA Pro-Base Eye Primer – Apply from lid to brow

Maybelline Super Stay 24H Concealer, “Light/ Beige 2” – Apply where dark circles  are visible, mostly under the eye area. May apply onto any redness seen around the nose area

Eyebrows – Filled in the brows with a matte dark brown color seen below


Sephora Color Pop-Up Store Palette

Urban Decay Anniversary Palette, “Vanilla” – Apply onto inner half of the lid

Urban Decay Vice Palette, “Junkie” – Apply onto outer half of the lid

Sephora Pret-a-Porter Palette, “Light Apple Green” – Blend out crease area


Color located on the top right hand corner. Really nice green looks you can create with this palette. Check out my tutorial here.

Urban Decay Vice Palette, “Anonymous” – Apply just below the brow area to highlight

Urban Decay Vice Palette, “Black Market” – Apply onto the outer V to darken the crease area for some depth

SLEEK Shangri-la Respect Palette, “Glady’s White” – Apply onto the inner tear duct area to brighten the eye

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil, “Zero” – Tightline and apply onto the lower lash line. Smudge out with the color “Black Market” and wing it out accordingly

MUA Volume Mascara, “Black” – Curl lashes and apply mascara. I haven’t had luck with any eyelash curlers or mascaras. No matter how I curl or what mascara I use (lengthening/ volume), my eyelashes are still straight as ever. Worse case scenario, they point to straight to the floor. And I use one of the best eyelash curlers raved by many people; the She Uemura eyelash curler.



Step 2: FACE


Garnier Skin Natural B.B Cream – Apply all over the face

MAC Mineralized Skinfinish, “Natural” – Dust all over face to set the foundation.

Archie’s Girls Collection Pearlmatte Face Powder, “Veronica’s Blush” – Apply onto the high points of  the face; T-Zone, cupid’s bow area and above the apples of the cheeks

Step 3: CHEEKS


Benefit Hoola Bronzer – Contour those cheeks


This blush is to die for. A little goes a long way. Such a pretty color! Urgh.. I can’t get enough of this. It’s limited edition so get it while you still can. Don’t get intimidated by this color. I decided to explore and look how much I like this now. My daily go-to blusher.

Archie’s Girls Collection Veronica Powder Blush, “Prom Princess” – Apply onto the apples of the cheeks. Not sure where to locate them, just smile and you’ll automatically know where to apply the blush

Step 4: LIPS


Maybelline Super Stay 24H Bold Matte, “Prune Plaisir 830” – Apply color and balm onto lips accordingly. I have yet to see this product in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Got this from London on my recent holiday. I’ll definitely do a review on this product for those who are lucky enough to have this product retail in your country.



Draw that shamrock baybeh! That’s 3 hearts (don’t know if you can see the shape) and a stem. Easy-peasy! Happened to have a teal liner sitting right in front of me and so I thought, why not draw a shamrock and spruce this look up.

Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner, “Turquoise Blue” – Draw the leaf, I did it just for kicks

Falsies – Apply your favorite falsies and apply mascara again to blend your natural lashes and the falsies together.

Brushes I Used:

Mostly Sigma brushes and a few from some of my shopping sprees in various countries. The list below is in random order of usage.

Step 6: HAIR

Loreal Elnett Satin Heat Protect Styling Spray  – Spray all over hair. Recommended to use a product as such to protect hair from being spoilt when using those curlers

Curl away with your usual curler. I used my new ceramic hair curler which gives bigger curls. No idea what size as 2 sizes are plastered on the packaging.

Protect Heat Defence Serum – Apply onto hair after curling


This is me trying to be creative. The weather was so awesome today. Not the heat of course! It’s the natural sunlight shinning right at me.

This can be a fun wearable day look. The look is so versatile; you can switch out the lip color to a dark red, classic red or even a nude pink/ peach color for a night look.  What more when the pantone color of the year is emerald. So, basically you can wear this look daily. Just add-on the shamrock for some fun to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all those who celebrating. Till then, Toodles!

Disclaimer: All products were purchased by me unless stated otherwise. Nevertheless, I will provide my honest opinions even if the products were provided for consideration. I am picky and particular in that way. 

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