twopinkcheeks: New Year Resolutions 2012 – Have I accomplished any yet?

So we all know, we are going into the 2nd quarter of the year. Gosh, time flies faster each year. Question is; have I accomplished any of the new year resolutions set out for the year 2012? It’s funny how I don’t even remember one or two of them! Well, I am an ambitious person and have set out 6 resolutions to achieve by the end of the year. So far, I have achieved 2. I will announce which ones when I am at least half way through.

I’ll let you in on one resolution which I find it 500% hard to even start on it. Yes the cliché resolution for most women; losing weight! I am not losing weight for the odd reason of wanting to look pretty. Being stick thin is not beauty. Do I want to look like this? No.

credits to google images

or this? No.

credits to google images

I would love to lose weight as I am living my life very unhealthily. I have supper every single night without fail. Hey, I am talking not about a light supper but a huge, full meal supper that sometimes  includes rice! I mean, who eats rice (I’m Asian & big on rice/noodles) at night followed by dessert like a slice of chocolate cake!? That’s like having an entrée, main and dessert! Despite all the complains and having a hard time in walking the dog around my house, huffing and puffing away is still not deterring me from quitting supper and to take charge of my life. Oh well, I guess I need a lot of support and encouragement! So wish me luck on this!

I am not even halfway through my resolutions yet. I am still working on the rest and I definitely must achieve the resolutions that I have set out. I don’t just pen it down for no reason. Has anyone accomplished any of their new year resolutions? Do share! Till then, toodles!

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