twopinkcheeks: New Year Resolutions 2012

The year is coming to an end and soon we will be celebrating the new year 2012.  Year 2011 has been an exhausting one for me but not fully satisfied with my achievements. Somtimes i do think that i work myself too hard or just plain ambitious. I opened up my second business this year which was part of the plans/ resolution and i am glad it went according to the plan. I love planning things with a timeline and if it doesn’t go according to the timeline, i sulk and just feel so horrid.

So, what are my resolutions for year 2012? I’ve realized i spent too much time on work. Next year, i am going to focus on FAMILY. They are the most important people coz they will always be there for you no matter what and sad to say i have neglected so much family time. I am going to take more time off to travel with my parents and husband not forgetting my lil pooch.

My New Year Resolution:

  1. Learn to read & write in Mandarin (i know the basics, but would love to blog in mandarin and read the chinese newspaper? lol)
  2. Travel with family & husband – Europe, USA, Vietnam, Cambodia and everywhere else around the globe
  3. Start biz #3 – still doing research ( i like to make sure it is the best that i do and not just some sloppy stuff, for now it is still  a secret)
  4. Have some “ME” time – Gym & time where i can sit by the pool in the evening and just stare into space
  5. Lose the weight and fats i have gained since getting married, that’s approx 7kg (Yes, i wanna be a size 6 again to look good and feel good about myself!)
  6. Hire an assistant manager/ PA whom is reliable & trustworthy

Hmmm, 6 points to achieve for the whole of next year. Yes! i think it is do-able. So, what are yours?

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