Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil

Have you heard about these eyeliners? They are to die for. Seriously.These eyeliners are by far the best that i’ve ever used in my entire life without having to look like i’ve just cried with black streaks smudging from the bottom lash line or looking ridiculously hilarious with make up all gone wrong. For those who have not seen or heard of this product, please look below:

Whiskey & Electric

These are the miniature ones (0.02g) that i bought via ebay from a seller who has been so helpful and great. I waited quite some time for the products to arrive and figured something was so wrong and decided to email the seller. Right away, she sent out another order which i received in great condition. I guess the other parcel was just lost in the mail somewhere between American and Malaysia. Urban Decay does have these eye pencils in 0.04g which appears longer and of course with more product  as seen in comparison below:

(Left) 0.02g & (Right) 0.04

I figured for those colors that i don’t use often, i don’t really need that much. I basically just line my water line and smudge these colors on my lower lash line so come on…  how much can i use right? As seen in the picture, the longer pencil is “zero” which i use every single day so i needed that size. Both sizes should probably lasts up to a year for me.

As for the pricing, so sorry i totally forgot how much i bought both for. I bought “zero” from Sephora, KLCC and if not mistaken it is about RM80-90++. The miniature ones are of course cheaper. Overall, the product lasts up to 10 hours as i have really long working hours and i still look great when i get home, creamy and feels hydrating to the eyes and lastly, the color payoff is good.

I do apologize for the really crappy uploaded pictures. I am still in the midst of  deciding which camera suits me best. Talk about women being indecisive and easily persuaded; one minute Camera A super great and then on to another store, sales person gives a great selling point for Camera B and there i am still thinking between this and that.




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