Urban Decay Vice Palette

Limited Edition – Holiday Palette 2o12

Product & Packaging

Contains 20 never seen before eyeshadows with a good mixture of vibrant and neutral colors of shimmery, glittery and matte textured colors. Each color weighing 0.08grams. Palette measurements 14cm by 18cm, sturdy and easy to bring along for traveling. One thing I don’t like about the packaging is the material of the palette. It attracts dust and/or when eyeshadow remnants drops onto the palette, it just doesn’t budge even when you use your hand to dust it off. If you own a NARS blush, you’ll know what I’m talking about.  As I have been creating looks with this palette, alot of eyeshadow has been in contact with the outer packaging, I’ve cleaned it but the shimmery stuff still stays.

Now, I gotta warn you. Instincts told me to check the palette before leaving Sephora and so I asked the cashier if I could open and check if there were any eyeshadow breakage. There wasn’t any breakage but funny enough the whole palette was covered with alot of loose eyeshadow. Wasn’t a pretty sight. Thank goodness for my instincts, I managed to get a palette that looked pretty and new before leaving Sephora!

Great for traveling as there is a good mixture of colors. Enough for you to look different throughout your holiday/ business trips.

This is where you open the palette, one push of a button and the palette is opened. The only thing is that my nails are so long that I had difficulty pressing the button.

The palette opens out as seen above and is able to stand on its own with the mirror facing you. The mirror is big enough for you to apply your daily makeup.

Comes with a dual ended brush which I really liked. I don’t have enough brushes to use coz’ I only use Sigma brushes at the moment as it really works for me; the essential kit 12 pc brush set. I do use some random brushes for the purpose of trying but it ends up at the an area where I pay less attention. Most of the time, Urban Decay palettes comes with their best selling primer potion but if you have their palettes already, I’m pretty sure a brush makes you happy.


Quality of the eyeshadows are even better this time as it contains the brand new Pigment Infusion System™ that gives every shade its velvety texture, pigmentation, long-lasting, and blendability. We all know Urban Decay’s eyeshadows are mostly shimmery yet delivers quality. However, there are one or two colors that had alot of fall out which just made creating eye looks messy and chalky; Provacateur and Jagged. Pigmentation and color payoff is awesome for most colors. The shimmery eyeshadows are very soft and silky which made blending easy.  I’ve worn several colors/ looks to work and lasted me throughout the day; approx. 11 hours and the colors still look as great when I got home.  As you can see below, the colors seen in the palette is true to its color when you swatch it on your skin.


20 never seen before shades shown below. Super awesome! Swatches done with NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk as a base.

The hearts represents my favorite colors!


Paid RM199.00 [USD$62.18]. Retailing at USD$59.00 at their official website and Sephora, USA. That’s an average of RM9.95 [USD$3.10] per eyeshadow color. I would say that it is value for money although paying RM199.00 on the whole seems like a big hole in the pocket. But,  if you think about it, try getting an eyeshadow for RM9.95 [USD$3.10] with the same quality and color payoff that has the equivalence of the Pigment Infusion System™, can you think of any local brands in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia or the country you are residing in? However, if you hardly apply bright colors then perhaps this palette may not suit your needs as much as the Naked Palette or Naked 2; neutral colors. If you’re interested, please click here on my review of both the palettes.

Place of Purchase

Sephora, Starhill. I got it when they had their pre-launch of the palette. Be sure to call to check the availability of the palette! Apparently, they only brought in a limited amount of palettes for the time being and will restock it for the upcoming holiday season. And yes, they have re-stocked it. Spotted at Sephora, Paradigm Mall, Petaling Jaya and Sephora Starhill. For those residing in USA, you can purchase via Urban Decay’s official website, Ulta or Sephora, USA. For the rest of the world, try clicking here; shipping maybe available to your country.

I’ve already created a look for you! So, do stay tune to see what exciting looks I’ve created! If you have any looks you have created using the palette, please do share! Till then, Toodles!

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