What i got for Christmas 2011!

Since i started being really serious about cosmetics and make up, it was just too easy for everyone to get me Christmas pressies! It wasn’t much of a celebration (as in how most people would go clubbing and drinking) but more of families getting together and enjoying each other’s company which is how it is supposed to be. Had a great Christmas dinner with my family and another round with the in-laws and sister-in-law’s boyfriend’s family. Awesome!

I got great gifts from my husband and sister-in-law. All cosmetics… Awwwww.. really loved it! I have yet to try them out but here’s what i got for Christmas!


From my sis-in law:

Chanel what?


Eye Makeup Remover!


From my hubby:

MAC Dazzlesphere - Pigments (Limited Edition)


MAC Dazzlesphere Berry Ornament - Thank goodness he bought the colors i usually wear..!



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