YSL Touche Eclat Radiant Touch


The consistency is rather smooth, creamy and easily blendable onto the skin especially under the eye. Most of the time, our undereye is kinda wrinkly at our age (my age is still a secret, when I’m ready to reveal, I will! Oh, a hint here – It’s time for me to start anti-aging products before the wrinkles starts to set in. Or maybe, take a while guess from the pics you see and email me. I’d like to know how old I look!). To use this product, you only need your fingers to blend it out or if you have; a synthetic brush. I don’t use the brush of the product as sometimes a little too much product comes out after a few clicks. I only use the brush to apply onto the under eye area. It  gives a brightening effect to get rid of the dark circles which most people experience  these days in the cyber age generation! Don’t you agree?! Makes you look fresh and ready to conquer the world!

Product & Packaging

Outer Packaging

Product Packaging

The product comes in a slim pen form with a brush. You just need to use it like how you would use a mechanical pencil. Just click on the black button but do be careful and be patient. Press the button once or twice and see if a decent amount of product comes out for you.

Click here for product

Brush Applicator – Used this product for a bit now so excuse the mess seen

Just push the button and the product will come out. Be careful not to be too impatient otherwise you end like me with a ton of product at the tip of the brush coz’ I keep on clicking it and all of a sudden a ton of product is on the brush!  Contains 0.1 FL OZ (2.5 mL). The packaging, I love it that it is in Gold! It exudes class in some way! Don’t ya think!? It doesn’t scream “Hey! I am an obvious make up product for touch up in my purse” kinda thing [that’s if anyone sees the contents of your purse when you’re in the ladies powdering your nose]. *laughs*


Shade No.2 – Light, On the right hand side shows how it looks like after blending

Available in 12 shades on their official website. I bought mine from Suvarnabhumi Airport at Bangkok, Thailand and only had a few shades available. Chose the color closest to my skin tone; a pink base shade although my skin tone is more on the yellow side. The next shade up was too dark for me and the shade lighter just did not match my skin tone. Mine is in the color “Light”.


YSL Radiant Touch – “2”  THB1,250.00: (RM125/ approx USD$40.30). Expensive? No?Yes? I find it rather steep, it’s a high end product anyway so I can’t complain. For those residing in USA, it is available at Sephora for USD$40 or at the local counters.

Place of Purchase

I bought mine from Bangkok, Suvarnabhumi Airport. For international/ USA, please click here to purchase or for more info. I have yet to see it in Malaysia, didn’t exactly pay attention to YSL products here but if you do find a counter in Malaysia, I’m pretty sure they will have this product. Alternatively, get it online here.

Will I buy again?

Yes! It makes me look really alert and less sleepy or grumpy like I usually do (Oh and cheerful too!). Never judge a book by its cover’ coz I ain’t what you think. *giggles*. Overall, this product brightens up the overall look especially under the eye and acts as a concealer.

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